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Welcome To Saraswathi Dental Clinic !

Welcome to the website of Saraswathi Dental Clinic dental care clinic, Chennai. Our super specialty center for cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics and general dentistry with over 10 years of experience is a top dental care provider in chennai. We offer highly personalized dental services to quality conscious patients in a serene ambience. If you are looking for pain free and stress free experience, visit our state of the art 600sq feet clinic located right in the heart of Chennai. Our services are sought after by people from different parts of the country and also from across the globe. We cater to a large spectrum of individuals ranging from locals, corporate honchos, expatriates, film stars, models and also to medical/dental tourists. All our patients have one thing in common- they come seeking us because we have a high level of commitment, empathy and expertise to offer. Above all a pain free dental experience!

Smile Design

If you find yourself secretly stewing in jealousy when someone smiles and shows off their perfect teeth, it’s time to stop. At Saraswathi Dental Clinic, our well-trained and experienced dentists can rectify virtually any flaws and put you in that coveted spotlight.

Tooth Countouring

Small changes can have a big impact, and that’s particularly the case with tooth contouring. This procedure has functional benefits that range from smoothing out pointy edges to fixing minor imperfections in the bite position, but the main benefit is cosmetic.

Gum Reshaping

Gum reshaping is an excellent option for reducing the size of your gums so they stay proportional to the rest of the mouth. The first thing most people notice about you is your smile, and that first impression goes a long way.


Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

We’ve all heard horrific tales of root canal procedures and perhaps you’re dreading your dentist appointment or have panic attacks whenever you see a spot on your teeth. Take a deep breath and relax, because at the Royal Dental Clinic we have a skilled and experienced team ...

Dental Implants

If missing teeth are causing you to miss out on culinary indulgences and lowering your self-esteem, a dental implant is the answer to your pain and sorrow. At Saraswathi Dental Clinic,we can fill the gap in your life by replacing them with high-quality dental implants, backed by cuttin...

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom may be a highly sought-after quality, We are the best but wisdom teeth can be rather a pain to deal with! Most of us have wisdom teeth that are ungainly and painful, having grown in crooked,  impacted or misshapen. Luckily, they don’t serve any real purpose and can ...

Dental Laminates

Have you ever wondered why many individuals have such perfect smiles? You may be surprised finding out that many of them had cosmetic dental work done. One of the best ways of making your smile more attractive is placing jacket crowns or porcelain laminate veneers. Porcelain  thin...


Diastema is a gap or space between two teeth. Several species of mammals possess diastema as normal feature, very commonly in between incisors and molars. The term is generally applied to an open space between upper incisors (front teeth). Diastema occurs due to uneven relationship bet...

Deep Bite

Deep bite is a condition in which the upper front teeth bite too deeply over the lower front teeth. It is extremely important to this condition treated as it can lead to excessive wear to teeth. The lower teeth’s top edge often will wear early and extensively.As the upper teeth b...


About us

The chief doctors here are Dr Vijaya Prakash come with an experience of 10 years. Dr Vijaya Prakash is an expert cosmetic dentist .The full time availability of a cosmetic dentist and orthodontist under the same roof is a boon for patients with any kind of dental problems especially cosmetic dental problems. The expert team of doctors at SARASWATHI DENTAL CLINIC comes with EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE . They have been trained and certified and offer expertise matching the best in the world. The reasons why you have to choose us..
Painless Treatment
Experienced Doctors
Quality Equipment
Affordable Price

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